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Prizm: the Ultimate Saber Board


Prizm is, in our opinion, the best saber board ever made. It can switch between its ten color profiles instantly, with the blade still on. It simply makes your saber experience more fun.

Saberz.com is proud to introduce Prizm, a collaboration between Saberz and Plecter Labs. Prizm, or more specifically the Petit Crouton v3.0, Prizm Edition, is quite simply the best saber sound board ever made. We reached out to Plecter Labs because of their reputation as the world's premier saber electronics manufacturer, and we asked Plecter if they could make a custom board for us. We had an idea that has never been seen before, and one that would make for the ultimate dueling saber. First, a little background: Prizm's core concept is based on what is perhaps the coolest new saber technology to have come out in the past several years: full-color mixing using a multi-die LED. Color mixing allows a saber not only to be fine-tuned to create whatever color the user wants, but allows a single saber to display multiple colors using a single saber.

We went to Plecter Labs with a very specific request for a custom color-changing board that utilized the feature in a revolutionary new way. We wanted on-the-fly color changes. And we wanted LOTS of color options. It was a big challenge, but Plecter Labs completely met our requirements and then some! The result is Prizm.

Put simply, Prizm is the ultimate color-changing and dueling board. Most of its features come from the industry-leading platform of the Petit Crouton, but has the notable addition of the three-channel LED color mixing from its big brother the Crystal Focus board. And most importantly, Prizm has the unique ability to switch colors instantly, on-the-fly, with the saber blade still on! Moreover, up to TEN separate color profiles can be defined, each with its own unique Flash-on-Clash color. Switching between the profiles is a simple matter of holding AUX and quickly pressing MAIN. That's all you have to do, at any time, to completely change the look and feel of your saber blade. What could make for a better dueling saber than the ability to instantly weild a brand new saber at any time? In our opinion, Prizm is the coolest board ever made, and it makes sabers more fun. And of course, each of the ten color profiles is completely customizable, stored in a simple configuration file on the board's MicroSD card. It can be edited directly in a text editor, or using Plecter Labs' amazing R.I.C.E. platform.

Petit Crouton Platform

As you can see here, Prizm is very simple to wire up. There are no superfluous connections, and the board is laid out to make soldering a cinch.

Aside from its revolutionary color-changing features, Prizm has the full feature set of the brilliant Petit Crouton v3.0 platform. That means it has a full 16-bit DAC for crystal-clear, beautiful sound. This level of audio fidelity is unmatched by any other board in the industry. Beyond that, it has all the Petit Crouton's wonderful features such as low-voltage Deep Sleep mode, on-the-fly audio mute, and so much more. It has space for three sound fonts, each of which is independent of the color-switching feature. That is, when changing sound fonts, your saber blade remains at the same color you last used. And on the other hand, you can switch between your ten color profiles no matter what sound font you are using. When you turn the blade off, the current color selection is written to memory, so that even when the saber is powered off completely, or if battery dies, Prizm remembers your color choice. The next time you turn on the saber, it will be right where you left off. Moreover, Prizm is built specifically for single-cell operation, meaning you only need one 3.7v battery to run it. This further reduces the space requirements for the board, meaning it can fit into very tight spaces. It's absolutely tiny, yet packs an enormous library of features.

Prizm: one tiny board with a world of color

In short, Prizm puts all the sabers you could ever want into one beautiful hilt. It is a perfect match for our modular Z-Core System, which lets you completely change your hilt with a few simple component swaps. But you don't have to buy a Saberz.com product to enjoy Prizm. Our philosophy is that everything about the saber industry should be open and available to everyone. That's why our Z-Core System is an open, public platform, and we publish all its standards for free. Likewise, Prizm isn't a proprietary board; it will be available to the public directly from Plecter Labs. So those of you who like to build your own hilts can still take advantage of Prizm's awesome features. But for those of you who don't own a whole machine shop of your own, the Saberz.com Store has everything you need. Our designs are a perfect match for Prizm; they were designed for one another, and built specifically to be used together!

With that introduction out of the way, let's get to the nitty-gritty of what Prizm is, why it's so awesome, and what it means for the Saberz.com lineup. Have a look at the video below to see exactly what this board is all about.

Video Demo

How to Buy Prizm

The easiest way to get your own Prizm saber is to buy one of our pre-built Saberz or Modules, available exclusively from the Saberz.com Store. We sell them fully-installed, so you don't need any electronics knowledge or equipment to enjoy them. Our Prizm-equipped products come 100% finished and ready-to-go. The moment you get your Saberz hilt, you'll be able to fire it up and dial in any color you like. Its all just a button push away!

Of course, if you ARE one of those electronics geniuses, and you want to tackle a DIY project, we've got you covered there too. Standalone Prizm boards will be available some time in the future, directly from the Plecter Labs website.

Thanks for Reading!

Bringing Prizm to life has been an amazing, exciting journey, and it's finally time to bring it out into the world. Working with Plecter Labs was an absolute joy, and the cherry on top was when Plecter gave me the honor of writing this very first announcement. There will likely be more resources over at the Plecter Labs site, but for now, all the pertinent information is right here. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks!