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Project M - STUNT VERSION - Preorder

  • Project M - Stunt Version
    (shown w/sample red btn placement)

  • Shown with sample
    Red Button Placement

  • Just as accurate as
    the Hero, just simpler

  • Hero Version
    vs. Stunt Version

  • The definitive Maul Stunt saber
    completely screen accurate

  • Every detail obsessively
    replicated to perfection

  • Internal dimensions,
    hollow for electronics
  • Project M
    Stunt Version

    Unpainted version:

    Painted version:

    Project M - SALE!
    $150 off all Project M hilts for the month of August!
    (Discount shown in cart)

For the first time ever, a massive SALE on all Project M hilts! For the month of August, get $150 OFF any version of Project M! (Discount shown in cart)

Update: Project M is in stock and NOW SHIPPING! Also ... Keep your eyes out for the upcoming Project Q and Project O1 which will complete the Duel of the Fates set!

Project M's little brother, the Project M Stunt Version. Every bit as faithful and deeply-researched as the hero prop, this Stunt Version replicated the prop used by Ray Park in all dueling scenes. It's basically the hero prop, minus the red and silver buttons, minus three of the large O-rings (the O-rings beneath the emitter remained, as those were molded in), minus the rivet details, and with the LEDs reduced to scribed circles.

This Stunt Version benefits from the incredible depth of engineering conducted for the hero version, including all the intricate details of the emitter. In fact, the emitter section is identical on both versions, including the steel fender washers, hidden set screw, optional flat-face emitter plug in order to replicate both versions of the prop emitter, intricate fin geometry, etc. Like its big brother the hero version, the Project M Stunt Version is hollow and accepts virtually any electronics package on the market. Hidden sound venting means you don't have to sacrifice accuracy for sound. Unscrew the center elements to expose the hidden vents, then screw back together to revert to a screen-accurate prop.

Please note, the Project M Stunt Version is designed differently from the hero saber. Due to the lack of greeblies to act as fasteners, the internal sound venting coupler is a necessary component of the assembly. Currently, the saber only comes with the double-hilt coupler, and not single-hilt couplers. Therefore, this Stunt saber can NOT currently be used as two separate hilts, although that could be possible in the future with a simple 'double coupler' kit.

Limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Available in prop-accurate paint, or clean. Both versions sold as empty hilts, but are hollow with room for electronics of any kind. See the internal dimension diagram above for further details.

Project M - Stunt Version:

  • Most accurate Maul saber ever, replicated referencing a screen-used prop
  • Available either with prop-accurate paint, or unpainted with bead-blasted surfaces and hard-anodized base color
  • Internal coupler allows for hidden sound venting
  • Removable blade plug allows for replication of both versions of the emitter face
  • Custom Presentation box with magnetic flap closure
  • Hollow construction, compatible w/ virtually all lightsaber electronics, without compromising accuracy at all
  • Compatible with 7/8" blades and blade plugs
  • For use as a double-ended hilt only; does not split into two "half" hilts
  • Split hilt usage may be possible in the future with a double coupler kit (availability TBD)
  • Available unpainted, or with prop-accurate custom paint scheme
  • Unpainted hilts ship approximately 2-3 weeks from date of order
  • Painted hilts ship approximately 4-6 weeks from date of order