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  • Oracle Gold Shrouds (top)
    Oracle Classic Shrouds (bottom)

  • Artex Grips

  • Sentris Shrouds
  • Grips/Shrouds

Compatibility Limitations:

  • Unless otherwise noted, ALL Grips and Shrouds are compatible with all other Parts and Saberz made by Saberz.com.
  • Only the Artex/Voltera pommel is compatible with the Artex Grips. It is a threaded-type pommel, and does not interfere with the Grips. The other pommels are sleeve-type pommels, and are not compatible.
  • The Apollyon pommel is not compatible with the Sentris Shroud, or the lower half of the Oracle Shrouds. The upper half of the Oracle Shrouds may still be used.
  • Sentris Shrouds require the emitter from the Oracle saber or Voltera saber to mount properly. They are not compatible with other emitters.