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Project O3 - Limited Edition

  • All Parts Shown

  • Different Designs Possible

  • Different Designs Possible

  • Different Designs Possible

  • Different Designs Possible

  • Different Designs Possible

  • Different Designs Possible

  • With Texalium Blade

  • Texalium Blade + Pushrod

  • Custom Hollow Pushrod
  • Project O3
    Static Stunt Saber
    w/Texalium Blade


    No Returns

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Introducing Project O3

Saberz.com is delighted to launch the first in a series of limited-edition project runs. What you see here is the O3 ROTS stunt hilt. To me, the stunt hilts represent what a "real" Jedi would use. And this saber is a perfect case in point. We start with the well-loved found-parts design, then eliminate everything that was impractical about it from a functional perspective. No sharp bits to hurt your hand, no greeblies to get in the way of your hand, reduced overall diameter, etc. However, complicating things is that there were LOTS of different versions of this saber made for the film. Different boosters, grenade sections, neck/windvane sections, etc. So, we replicated all the versions we had enough reference to really get right.

Getting the details spot on for this saber was always a challenge. There have been very few good images of the hilt floating around, and there are vanishingly few examples of the prop in private hands. But as luck would have it, we were able to gain access to a couple of original, screen-used props, from which to replicate this design to perfection.

These are resin replicas, with chrome details made from vacuum-metalized parts just like the originals! Inside the resin components are internal aluminum cores, threaded and assembled exactly like the originals. This includes a genuine Texalium blade mounted on a custom M10 pushrod, painted and heat-shrunk to match the original blades. The saber disassembles into the same subcomponents as the original prop. In fact, if you had an original prop on hand, you could swap out each and every component of these replicas and use them on an original saber assembly. Please note, due to the nature of the construction, these replicas DO NOT have the uniform perfection of CNC-machined parts. Just as with the original props, these are imperfect, and may have minor cosmetic or geometric inconsistencies. In my opinion, that's part of what makes them so beautiful.

Because of the extensive manual labor required, and all the little custom bits needed, this run is limited to just a few pieces. No returns.

NOTE: even though these are great replicas of dueling hilts, we don't recommend dueling with your replica. Plastic can be brittle and prone to breakage; that's why on the set of a movie, they have several dozen hilts at hand, for the inevitable breakage. We have upcoming hilts in metal that will be more suitable to full-contact dueling.

Expect a ship date approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase. Thanks!