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Spectrum: Color-Changing Stunt Saberz


Spectrum: affordable, durable, color-changing stunt Saberz

Saberz.com is proud to introduce Spectrum, our line of affordable, color-changing stunt sabers available in the Saberz.com Store. And just like Prizm, Spectrum is a technology built into our Z-Core Modules, meaning you can buy ANY Saberz.com hilt as a Spectrum Stunt. So what exactly is Spectrum, and what's it all about? Let's take a look.

At Saberz.com, we love color. We think every saber should be capable of producing multiple colors, because that simply makes for a cooler, more exciting saber experience. Prizm is our top-of-the-line technology, delivering custom colors and premium sound. Spectrum is our most affordable line of Saberz, allowing everyone to have access to color-changing blades and customizable hilts at an unbeatable price.

With Spectrum, you get six completely different colors. They are all bright, vibrant, and beautiful. Each and every Spectrum saber can produce Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Cyan blades. As a stunt saber, they don't have sound. But they are built on our robust Z-Core platform, just like all of our products. That means they are compatible with ALL our different interchangeable parts. How do you change colors? Here's a video explaining everything about Spectrum:

Video Demo

As shown in the video, Spectrum's technology is built on a simple system of quick-disconnect plugs built into every Spectrum hilt. The LED that powers Spectrum is a special RGB module capable of independently producing Red, Green, and Blue light. We take special care to wire each of those colors with its own quick-disconnect plug. Then, we wire the switch with two quick-disconnect plugs. You can plug in any one OR two of the LED's colors into the switch, and that's what allows color mixing. Plugging in just one of the LED's connectors will result in either a Red, Green, or Blue blade, depending on which of the LED's connectors you choose. If you plug in two of the connectors, you can get Yellow (Red + Green), Purple (Red + Blue), or Cyan (Green + Blue).

Any time you want a new color, you just pop off the Switchplate, change out the connectors, and pick a new color! It's incredibly simple and easy to use. And it also means you get an awesome variety of beautiful colors otherwise unheard of at Spectrum's low price point.

How to buy Spectrum

Spectrum is available as an option for all of the Saberz in our Store. Whether you're buying one of our complete Saberz, or just a Module, you can choose Spectrum as a purchase option. For saber enthusiasts on a budget, Spectrum is guaranteed to be the coolest, most exciting technology you've ever seen. It gives you access to a world of color without requiring a world of cash. Thanks for reading!