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This is a spot where we post bite-sized updates about what's going on, products we're getting ready to release, or just random thoughts and musings. Many of these posts also end up on our facebook feed. For more in-depth, behind-the-scenes updates about Saberz and our manufacturing projects, please check out the Newsletter.

Introducing Starlight Blades - Dec 12, 2015

Saberz.com is proud to introduce Starlight, our newest blade and the brightest on the market. It has full tip illumination, as well as the best evenness of any blade we've ever made. Get yours right here, or click on the image above to read all about the new tech.  » Link
Introducing Sentris - Feb 23, 2015

We're proud to show you our first new design for 2015: Sentris!! Click through to the store to see all the images of this new beauty.  » Link
ALL Saberz now available! - Apr 25, 2014

At last, you can now buy ALL of the Saberz.com products we've teased you with for so long. Head to the store and get yours now!!  » Link
Introducing Spectrum! - Apr 10, 2014

Saberz.com is proud to introduce our groundbreaking Spectrum line, packing awesome color-changing technology into affordable stunt Saberz! Read the article, then head to the Store to buy yours!  » Link
Apollyon Saberz are now available! - Mar 14, 2014

At last, the Apollyon Saber, the design that started the whole Saberz.com brand, is available for purchase! Head to the Saberz.com Store to get yours now!  » Link
Introducing Prizm - Mar 14, 2014

Saberz.com is proud to present Prizm, the first soundboard to allow instant color switching between TEN independent color profiles!   » Link
The 2014 Saberz Lineup - Mar 13, 2014

Saberz.com is proud to introduce our initial lineup of Saberz for 2014. Enjoy!   » Link