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Project Q

  • Project Q

    Now in "Machine Brushed" finish

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LIMITED EDITION SABER: Only 200 made worldwide. Each one comes with individual serial number plaque. Once they're gone, they're GONE!

Buy ALL THREE of the legendary TPM sabers in our Duel of the Fates BUNDLE at an unbeatable price.

Finishing up the trio is Project Q, which appears deceivingly simple but is in fact an extremely complicated piece of engineering. As with its siblings, Project Q was designed using an actual screen-used prop as reference. There has never been a saber as accurate as this one. And yet, as with Project M and Project O1, Project Q is hollow, with room for electronics and a blade! More details coming soon!

Please note there may be minor imperfections on the saber surface, as much of the finishing work is done by hand. These hilts are unequivocally the most accurate replicas ever made, and as such they are NOT intended to be flawless, pristine, idealized pieces. They are intended to replicate the original props, which also have surface inconsistencies and imperfections. We also cannot guarantee that the box will be in perfect condition; its primary job is to protect the saber, and it does that very well. But we cannot guarantee that the box itself will remain in pristine condition during shipment.

The Electronics Chassis for Project Q is now complete!! Find it here: SaberFights Etsy Shop

Project Q Intro Video:

Chassis + Electronics:

You can buy the Chassis from chassis designer Louis Luciano in his Etsy shop.

Click here for the Project Q Chassis Installation Guide.