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Starlight Blade

  • Features our custom
    Hybrid Parabolic tips

  • Trans-white blade walls

  • 2mm thick walls
  • Starlight Blade

By popular demand, now available in 7/8-inch diameter! All Saberz.com hilts use our standard 25mm-diameter (nominally 1-inch) blades, but some third-party makers use a 7/8-inch standard, and many Saberz customers have asked us for the option to use our Starlight blades on these sabers.

Our long-awaited Starlight Blade is at last available for purchase! Offering unprecedented brightness, even illumination, and a brilliantly illuminated tip, this blade is the ultimate LED saber blade. Starlight represents over a year's effort in refining, optimizing, and improving on our well-loved Z-Blade. It's the best we have to offer.

    Starlight Blade specs:
  • Blade Stock: Translucent White Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 25.0mm OD x 21.0mm ID (fits most 1-inch blade holders)
  • Length (Standard version): 864mm (34in)
  • Length (Long version): 941mm (37in)
  • Primary Diffusion: Saberz.com Blade Film
  • Secondary Diffusion: White Blade Wall
  • Blade Tip: Saberz.com Hybrid Parabolic - Starlight edition
  • More Info: available here.


  • Apollyon

  • Oracle Light

  • Oracle Dark

  • Oracle Classic

  • Kapulus

  • Artex Light, Artex Dark

  • Voltera
  • Emitters

Compatibility Limitations: none. All emitters may be used with all other Parts and Saberz.


  • Apollyon

  • Oracle Gold

  • Oracle Classic

  • Kapulus

  • Artex/Voltera

  • All Pommels

  • All Pommels
  • Pommels

Compatibility Limitations:

  • Unless otherwise noted, ALL pommels are compatible with all other Parts and Saberz.
  • The Apollyon pommel is not compatible with the lower half of the Oracle Body Shroud. The upper half may still be used.
  • Only the Artex/Voltera pommel is compatible with the Artex Grips. It is a threaded-type pommel, and does not interfere with the Grips. The other pommels are sleeve-type pommels, and are not compatible.

Advanced Coupler

  • Advanced Coupler
    Standard Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Standard Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Standard Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Standard Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Standard Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Rebel Version

  • Advanced Coupler
    Rebel Version
  • Advanced Coupler
    (sold individually)

Introducing the Saberz.com Advanced Couplers! These couplers use a Hirth joint with 72 points of engagement in order to help you dial in the precise longitudinal orientation you prefer - line up the buttons on your Saberz, put them opposite one another, or anything in between. The couplers have sound holes, and any coupler can mate to any other. That way you don't have to buy them in pairs, nor keep track of male/female halves. Moreover, we will be introducing new pommels with the same joint pattern on the back face, in order to expand the coupling ability of our Saberz lineup. Up first is the standard version of the Advanced Coupler, as well as the new "Rebel" pommel, a classic design with six cubes around the outer face.

Sold individually. If you want two couplers, you must buy two.

Compatibility Limitations: none. All Advanced Couplers thread into place and may be used with all other Parts and Saberz.


  • Oracle Gold Shrouds (top)
    Oracle Classic Shrouds (bottom)

  • Artex Grips

  • Sentris Shrouds
  • Grips/Shrouds

Compatibility Limitations:

  • Unless otherwise noted, ALL Grips and Shrouds are compatible with all other Parts and Saberz
  • Only the Artex/Voltera pommel is compatible with the Artex Grips. It is a threaded-type pommel, and does not interfere with the Grips. The other pommels are sleeve-type pommels, and are not compatible.
  • The Apollyon pommel is not compatible with the Sentris Shroud, or the lower half of the Oracle Shrouds. The upper half of the Oracle Shrouds may still be used.
  • Sentris Shrouds require the emitter from the Oracle saber or Voltera saber to mount properly. They are not compatible with other emitters.

Basic Coupler

  • Coupler fits EVERY Saberz.com hilt.
    Couple ANY two Saberz into a staff!

  • Available in black or silver
    M5 hex bore for easy
    installation and removal

  • Adds just 5mm of length

  • Any two Saberz + coupler
    equals your custom staff!!!

  • Dual Volteras ... Apollyon + Oracle
    Any combination is possible!

  • Includes our Orientation Washer Kit
    for axis alignment
  • Basic Coupler

This basic coupler allows you to join ANY two Saberz.com hilts into a staff! Simply remove the pommel on your saber (whether it's a sleeve-type or a thread-on type, doesn't matter), and screw in this Basic Coupler. It features a 5mm hex bore so that the coupler can be tightened onto the hilt for extreme dueling without the risk of the Saberz coming apart. Like all of our parts, this uses ZCS-threading, and is compatible with ZCS parts (not MHS compatible).

This Basic Coupler adds just 5mm of length to the saber itself, making it ideal for a shorter staff. Comes with a free set of Orientation Washers to help you achieve your preferred axis alignment.

Saberz.com Covertec Wheel

  • M4 thumbscrew

  • Compataible with all Saberz.com hilts
  • Saberz.com
    Covertec Wheel


Introducing our new Covertec Clip thumbscrew! This clip is crafted from the same aircraft-grade aluminum as all of our other Saberz parts, and requires no additional fastener to put on your saber! Instead, we've added vertical knurling along the edges to allow this clip to function as a thumbscrew. Simply screw into any M4 hole (already drilled on all Saberz.com hilts) and hang on your Covertec Clip or similar.

These are made in the same gunmetal grey as our Kill Keys, with the same laser-etched logo. It's the perfect match for any Saberz.com hilt.

Kill Keys

  • Saberz.com
    Custom Kill Key


Saberz.com custom Kill Keys feature an ultra-low profile, an easy to grip disc, and perfectly complement the beautifully-narrow profile of your Saberz hilt. Our Kill Keys are made of two parts: the exposed portion is CNC machined from T6 Aircraft-Grade aluminum, then bead-blasted to remove any imperfections, anodized in a dark-grey glossy gunmetal color, then finally our artistic Saberz.com swoop logo is laser-etched into the top face. It's a perfect accent for your Saber, and allows you to preserve battery life while showing off the Saber in style.

Saberz.com Kill Keys are compatible with EVERY Saberz hilt, as well as any standard 2.1mm recharge port.

Metric Tool Kit

  • Kit includes 8 wrenches
    plus carrying case

  • Wrench sizes from 1.5mm to 6mm

  • Complete tool kit for
    use with all Saberz
  • Metric Tool Kit


Orientation Washers

  • Orientation Washer Kit


For some emitters, the longitudinal orientation (or rotation) of the emitter relative to the buttons can change the aesthetic appearance of the saber. Because all ZCS Emitters are threaded, the final orientation from one part to another cannot be controlled in a consistent manner. Therefore, your emitter might not "line up" in the exact spot you want it to. To help remedy this issue, we have created some very thin washers that can be placed between the Emitter and Module, in order to alter how the emitter "lines up" when secured to the Module.

Each kit includes four Washers: two Light colored washers (one 0.5mm thick and one 0.8mm thick) and two Dark colored washers (one 0.5mm thick and one 0.8mm thick). These are a perfect match to the "Light" and "Dark" Saberz that we sell, and can help you achieve your preferred longitudinal orientation.

Saberz Charger

  • Wall Charger, compatible with all of our
    Saberz and Modules
  • Saberz Charger


This special charger has been built specifically for Saberz.com, and works with EVERY complete saber that we sell. If you buy one of our complete Saberz, one of these chargers is already included. But if you want an extra, or you're building up a custom a-la-carte saber from our various interchangeable parts, you'll want to add one of these.

Every Saberz.com hilt uses the exact same Lithium-Ion power cell, and the exact same recharge port. This charger has been built to match the precise specifications of the products we use, meaning it's perfect for our products. For the most part, it's incredibly simple to use: when your saber runs out of battery power, just plug it into this Charger. When the charger light starts to glow green, you're done! However, here is a full description of its features, and some other important things to keep in mind.

  • Most importantly, this is the ONLY charger you should use for your Saberz.com hilts.
  • DO NOT use this charger on any third-party sabers. This is because even if other sabers have a similar recharge port, their power cell may be very different, meaning this charger isn't appropriate.
  • DO NOT use any third-party chargers on your Saberz.com hilts! Even if they fit into your saber's recharge port, a third-party charger could potentially destroy your battery and damage your saber.
  • To use your Saberz Charger, begin by plugging it into the wall WITHOUT anything attached to the charger plug. You will see a small green light on the charger, indicating that it's properly plugged in.
  • Next, plug the charger's plug into your saber. The light that was previously green will change to orange.
  • The brightness of the orange light corresponds to the charging voltage being delivered to your battery. If your battery was completely drained of all power, this light may appear to be off, or very dim. That's because the charger is slowly ramping up the charging voltage being delivered to the battery, in order to maximize the life of the battery and prevent any damage to your saber. Over the next 10-20 minutes, that light will reach full brightness, indicating the full charging voltage has been reached.
  • Once your saber is fully charged, the light will change from orange back to green, indicating the charge cycle is complete and your battery is fully-charged. You can now remove your saber from the charger and turn it on!
  • Failing to follow these instructions will VOID YOUR WARRANTY on both the charger AND your saber.