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Project EF

LIMITED EDITION SABER: Only 100 made worldwide. Each one comes with individual serial number plaque.

These are IN STOCK and Shipping NOW!! Order yours before they're gone!

Based on the hilt dubbed "Ewan's Favorite Lightsaber" by Lucasfilm saber tech Thomas van Koeverden, this stunt hilt exudes absolute simplicity and elegance. Build based on an in-person inspection of various screen-used sabers, our Project EF hilt is constructed just as the original sabers were, simply stacking together and compressing in place using M10 threading.

It's easy to see why Ewan McGregor preferred this hilt for dueling and used it throughout the filming of Revenge of the Sith. It's simple, lacking any ribbing or greeblies to foul the hand, and features a choke very similar to the original rehearsal saber used for much of the actors' stunt training. It is nearly perfectly balanced when paired with our Nova Carbon Blades, the balance point sitting just aft of the emitter face.

The basic version of this hilt comes with a custom M10 screw. Or bundle it with a Nova Carbon blade for a great discount on the combined set. Note, this hilt is meant to replicate the stunt hilts used during filming. For that reason, it is NOT designed to be used with electronics or larger blades. It is only designed for Nova Carbon, or otherwise displayed as a a hilt only.

Designed to replicate the original filming props, but also to be an economical way to duel with our Nova Carbon blades. For that reason it comes packaged very simply, in a custom Saberz.com microfiber bag instead of a more complicated and expensive padded box.

Project EF + Project RH Intro Video: