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Starlight Blade

  • Starlight: the
    ultimate saber blade

  • Starlight: the
    ultimate saber blade

  • Brilliant tip illumination

  • Beautiful in every color

  • Beautiful in every color

  • Beautiful in every color

  • Beautiful in every color

  • Comparison versus

  • Features our custom
    Hybrid Parabolic tips

  • Trans-white blade walls

  • 2mm thick walls
  • Starlight Blade

By popular demand, now available in 7/8-inch diameter! All Saberz.com hilts use our standard 25mm-diameter (nominally 1-inch) blades, but some third-party makers use a 7/8-inch standard, and many Saberz customers have asked us for the option to use our Starlight blades on these sabers.

Our long-awaited Starlight Blade is at last available for purchase! Offering unprecedented brightness, even illumination, and a brilliantly illuminated tip, this blade is the ultimate LED saber blade. Starlight represents over a year's effort in refining, optimizing, and improving on our well-loved Z-Blade. It's the best we have to offer.

    Starlight Blade specs:
  • Blade Stock: Translucent White Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 25.0mm OD x 21.0mm ID (fits most 1-inch blade holders)
  • Length (Standard version): 864mm (34in)
  • Length (Long version): 941mm (37in)
  • Primary Diffusion: Saberz.com Blade Film
  • Secondary Diffusion: White Blade Wall
  • Blade Tip: Saberz.com Hybrid Parabolic - Starlight edition
  • More Info: available here.


  • Optimized diffusion for even light
    Tips light up for a better look

  • Saberz.com's fully-custom
    Hybrid Parabolic Blade Tip

  • Looks great in every color!
  • Z-Blades
    Buy multiples and Save!

Now offering huge bulk discounts on our old Z-Blade stock! JUST $12 EACH!!! Grab a stash of them to use for all your project needs. We have two lengths available: the Long blades are approx 37 inches from end to end, the Short blades are approx 28 inches. We are selling in bulk quantities only, at HUGE discounts. Sorry, no small quantity orders.

The Saberz.com Z-Blade is our vision of the perfect saber blade. We have described the features of the Z-Blade extensively on this page. Our Z-Blades feature custom tips, machined exclusively for Saberz.com, a custom blade stock with 2mm-thick walls for an optimum balance of weight and durability, and double diffusion both inside the blade and on the polycarbonate blade surface.