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Starlight Blade

  • Features our custom
    Hybrid Parabolic tips

  • Trans-white blade walls

  • 2mm thick walls
  • Starlight Blade

By popular demand, now available in 7/8-inch diameter! All Saberz.com hilts use our standard 25mm-diameter (nominally 1-inch) blades, but some third-party makers use a 7/8-inch standard, and many Saberz customers have asked us for the option to use our Starlight blades on these sabers.

Our long-awaited Starlight Blade is at last available for purchase! Offering unprecedented brightness, even illumination, and a brilliantly illuminated tip, this blade is the ultimate LED saber blade. Starlight represents over a year's effort in refining, optimizing, and improving on our well-loved Z-Blade. It's the best we have to offer.

    Starlight Blade specs:
  • Blade Stock: Translucent White Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 25.0mm OD x 21.0mm ID (fits most 1-inch blade holders)
  • Length (Standard version): 864mm (34in)
  • Length (Long version): 941mm (37in)
  • Primary Diffusion: Saberz.com Blade Film
  • Secondary Diffusion: White Blade Wall
  • Blade Tip: Saberz.com Hybrid Parabolic - Starlight edition
  • More Info: available here.