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Project M - Limited Edition Saber

  • Project M:
    The Definitive Replica

  • Screen-Accurate assembly and Paint

  • Double Saber Joined By
    Central Coupler

  • Multiple Saber Views

  • Multiple Saber Views

  • All details perfected

  • Designed using an
    original screen-used prop!

  • Identical in nearly every way
    to the original

  • No stone left unturned

  • Even imperfections were
    perfectly replicated

  • Available in painted
    or unpainted versions

  • Available in painted
    or unpainted versions

  • Available in painted
    or unpainted versions

  • Hollow and ready for
    electronics installations
  • Project M
    Hero Version

    Standard Edition:

    Limited Edition:

LIMITED EDITION SABER: Only 200 made worldwide. Each one comes with individual serial number plaque. Once they're gone, they're GONE!

Update: Project M is finished and NOW SHIPPING! Also ... Keep your eyes out for the upcoming Project Q and Project O1 which will complete the Duel of the Fates set!

The result of over 20 years of research and development, Project M is THE definitive replica. It was made not merely by studying images of the original saber, but with an actual, screen-used prop ON HAND as a direct reference.

No stone was left unturned, and no detail unaddressed. Producing this replica required a lot of custom processes, including cutting our own fender washers, creating multiple knurling dies in order to perfect the red buttons, and much more. Be sure to watch the entire intro video below for a more thorough introduction to this beautiful saber.

These are being sold as empty hilts, but are hollow with room for electronics of any kind. See the internal dimension diagram above for further details.

Project M includes:

  • Most accurate hilt ever, replicated referencing a screen-used saber
  • UNPAINTED, with bead-blasted surfaces and hard-anodized protection, including red anodized buttons
  • Dual saber can split in half, internal coupler allows for hidden sound venting
  • Removable blade plug allows for replication of both versions of the emitter face
  • Custom Presentation box with magnetic flap closure
  • Hollow construction, compatible w/ virtually all lightsaber electronics, without compromising accuracy at all
  • Compatible with 7/8" blades and blade plugs
  • Saberz.com Certificate of Authenticity
  • Numbered Placque with individual serial numbers
  • Limited to 200 pieces worldwide


  • Includes everything from the Standard Edition listed above
  • Prop-accurate paint application as seen in photos above and in the video below.
  • Four-layer paint application on red buttons, three layers of color elsewhere.
  • Color is achieved by first bead blasting, then light grey anodizing, then painting, then satin clear coat.
  • High-quality materials and processes to replicate the original look of automotive paint over resin.
  • The final result is both completely faithful in appearance to the original prop, and also MUCH more durable
  • Note, paint application is done by hand (just like the originals), and may vary from photos, as each one is slightly different
  • This is the pinnacle of the Maul hilt - no finer replica exists anywhere