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Build Your Own Lightsaber

This page will teach how to build your own, unique Lightsaber creation from the ground up, using the interchangeable parts from the Saberz.com Store. For a more technical look at these parts, please read about the Z-Core System.

Build your own custom saber with the endless possibilities of the Z-Core System!

At Saberz.com, we are passionate about saber design. The entire process of bringing a saber to life is a labor of love, involving an initial concept, 3D modeling, prototyping, iterative design, and then finally on to the production process. Each one of our complete Saberz represents dozens, if not hundreds of hours of design time, making sure every last millimeter is perfect from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

And the best part is that we create every one of our Saberz to be completely modular and customizable. That's what the Z-Core System is all about; it lets you take any of the design elements we've so carefully crafted for one saber, and splice it onto another. You can even start from scratch, and build up your own custom Saberz.com design piece by piece, without ever having to worry about design, compatibility, or electronics. So, how do you get started building your own Lightsaber? Let's take a look.

Step 1: Start with a Module

In the Z-Core System, the central component of the saber is what we call the Module. You can think of the Module as the backbone of the system, onto which all other parts and custom bits will be attached. The beauty of the Z-Core System is that the Module contains all of the electronics in the saber. That means no matter what other parts you want to put on your saber, you'll never have to worry about modifying or otherwise messing with the electronics.

Keeping everything contained in the Module also has second consequence, and it's even cooler: you can buy just one Module (the most expensive component of the saber), and then create as many different versions of your custom saber as you like by swapping out the much less-expensive Pommels, Emitters, and Accessories. It's like buying one Saberz hilt, and then getting easy access to all the others! We sell Modules in three flavors:

The Module is the most important component, and contains all the electronics that make our Saberz magic!

Okay, so that's the Module. What's next?

Step 2: Add an Emitter and Pommel

Now that you've selected your Module, the next step is attaching things on either side. On the business end (where the LED is), you'll attach any of our Emitters. These are sometimes referred to as blade holders, because that's exactly what they do. All of our Emitters thread directly into the Module, and every Emitter is completely interchangeable: no matter what other parts you want to put on your saber, you'll always be able to swap out for ANY other emitter.

And on the other end from the Emitter, we have the Pommel, which acts as the end piece to the saber. We have two types of Pommels:

With our parts so far: Module, Emitter, and Pommel, you've got a complete saber! But there are more ways to customize it, and that brings us to the next step.

Step Three: Blade/Charger

We offer Blades and Chargers separately, so that you can choose to buy only what you need. All complete Saberz already include a Blade and Charger, and any Module with a Prizm or Spectrum installation will have a charger included. But if you want or need extras, they're available!

Step Four: Customize!

Use your imagination - there's a vast universe of custom options with the Z-Core Sytsten!

There are LOTS of ways to customize your completed Saberz.com hilt. First up, you can take a look at the various Grips and Shrouds we offer. And there's no reason you have to use them exactly how we do for our standard designs: want an Oracle with one gold and one black Shroud piece? Get them both, then you can mix-and-match.

Some people like to add an organic touch to their Saberz, with things like a leather grip wrap, hardwood accents, etc. Feel free to let your creative juices flow! But even if you don't want to stray beyond the parts available in the Store, there are lots of possibilities for unique and interesting creations. And best of all, we're ALWAYS designing new Saberz and Parts, so you can look forward to fresh ideas and virtually endless customization possibilities.

Thanks for reading. We hope this page was useful in helping you understand our Saberz better. Ready to make your own? Let's get started!