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Saberz Charger

  • Wall Charger, compatible with all of our
    Saberz and Modules
  • Saberz Charger


This special charger has been built specifically for Saberz.com, and works with EVERY complete saber that we sell. If you buy one of our complete Saberz, one of these chargers is already included. But if you want an extra, or you're building up a custom a-la-carte saber from our various interchangeable parts, you'll want to add one of these.

Every Saberz.com hilt uses the exact same Lithium-Ion power cell, and the exact same recharge port. This charger has been built to match the precise specifications of the products we use, meaning it's perfect for our products. For the most part, it's incredibly simple to use: when your saber runs out of battery power, just plug it into this Charger. When the charger light starts to glow green, you're done! However, here is a full description of its features, and some other important things to keep in mind.

  • Most importantly, this is the ONLY charger you should use for your Saberz.com hilts.
  • DO NOT use this charger on any third-party sabers. This is because even if other sabers have a similar recharge port, their power cell may be very different, meaning this charger isn't appropriate.
  • DO NOT use any third-party chargers on your Saberz.com hilts! Even if they fit into your saber's recharge port, a third-party charger could potentially destroy your battery and damage your saber.
  • To use your Saberz Charger, begin by plugging it into the wall WITHOUT anything attached to the charger plug. You will see a small green light on the charger, indicating that it's properly plugged in.
  • Next, plug the charger's plug into your saber. The light that was previously green will change to orange.
  • The brightness of the orange light corresponds to the charging voltage being delivered to your battery. If your battery was completely drained of all power, this light may appear to be off, or very dim. That's because the charger is slowly ramping up the charging voltage being delivered to the battery, in order to maximize the life of the battery and prevent any damage to your saber. Over the next 10-20 minutes, that light will reach full brightness, indicating the full charging voltage has been reached.
  • Once your saber is fully charged, the light will change from orange back to green, indicating the charge cycle is complete and your battery is fully-charged. You can now remove your saber from the charger and turn it on!
  • Failing to follow these instructions will VOID YOUR WARRANTY on both the charger AND your saber.