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Orientation Washers

  • Orientation Washer Kit


For some emitters, the longitudinal orientation (or rotation) of the emitter relative to the buttons can change the aesthetic appearance of the saber. Because all ZCS Emitters are threaded, the final orientation from one part to another cannot be controlled in a consistent manner. Therefore, your emitter might not "line up" in the exact spot you want it to. To help remedy this issue, we have created some very thin washers that can be placed between the Emitter and Module, in order to alter how the emitter "lines up" when secured to the Module.

Each kit includes four Washers: two Light colored washers (one 0.5mm thick and one 0.8mm thick) and two Dark colored washers (one 0.5mm thick and one 0.8mm thick). These are a perfect match to the "Light" and "Dark" Saberz that we sell, and can help you achieve your preferred longitudinal orientation.